Cold, Flu & Covid-19 Defense: Healthy Habits to Practice Now

Cold, Flu & Covid-19 Defense: Healthy Habits to Practice Now

This year, the risk of the regular cold and flu season is exacerbated by Covid-19. This is the second in a series of two articles to help you manage your health this season. Our first article gave a more detailed background on the compounded risk we currently face, and shared tips on how to make […]

Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips: Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators

Reopening schools during a pandemic has brought to light a unique set of concerns related to the risk of transmission and infection among students and staff, and everyone with whom they come into contact. In this article, we offer tips for parents, school administrators, teachers, and onsite staff based on current guidelines and recommendations to reopening K-12 schools issued by leading academic, healthcare, and government organizations.

Can air pollution exacerbate Covid-19?

Can Air Pollution Exacerbate Covid-19?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, scientists are tirelessly investigating what factors might make people more vulnerable to infection. One intriguing possibility is air pollution, specifically inhalable particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter (PM2.5). This type of pollution has

Cleaning in the Time of Coronavirus

Cleaning In The Time Of Coronavirus

We hope you are staying as safe as possible during the outbreak of COVID-19. As you hunker down at home for the long haul, here are some tips to improve sanitization and disinfection; from hand washing as self-care and UV light to clean your phone to disinfectants meeting EPA standards and HEPA vacuuming. Stay tuned for more tips on wellness in the time of Coronavirus!