How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Workday

5 Tips on Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Workday

More and more employees and companies are recognizing mindfulness’ potential to improve mental well-being as well as workplace outcomes — and for good reason. In this post, we explain the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace and suggest some ways you can incorporate it throughout your day.   Importance of Practicing Mindfulness at Work Mindfulness […]

Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips: Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators

Reopening schools during a pandemic has brought to light a unique set of concerns related to the risk of transmission and infection among students and staff, and everyone with whom they come into contact. In this article, we offer tips for parents, school administrators, teachers, and onsite staff based on current guidelines and recommendations to reopening K-12 schools issued by leading academic, healthcare, and government organizations.

Tips to Inspire Mindfulness at Home

Tips to Inspire Mindfulness at Home

In previous articles, we have discussed the importance of managing stress both as a preventive health strategy and as a regular practice to help maintain well-being. The pandemic and other current events have generated a unique set of stressors. If you are working remotely, you might find yourself struggling to concentrate on work, keeping irregular […]

Create Your Own Home Yoga Studio & Practice

Create Your Own Home Yoga Studio & Practice

As we continue our practice of social distancing and working from home, we can feel the effects in both our mental and physical well-being. Beyond anxiety and stress, we might feel restless and frustrated by necessary restrictions. Yoga is an incredible way to effectively expand our sense of space from within.

Stress Management for Immune Protection

Stress Management For Immune Protection

Stress management is now more important than ever, as research tells us that increased stress levels can negatively impact our immune response over time and increase our susceptibility to infections. If you’re feeling stressed, consider meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, short walks outside, and tapping into your social network for support. Check out these strategies for relaxation from the Mayo Clinic.